Each year, we recognize dozens of truly deserving businesses and nonprofits with our 商业卓越奖. We ask the community to nominate those whose contributions elevate Greater Omaha and make it a better place to do business, 工作和生活. 从这些提名, our volunteer selection committee chooses the best-of-the-best as our award winners. 除了 纪念卓越我们也对企业庆祝重大胜利表示赞赏 里程碑纪念日. This is our way of putting the spotlight on those that have earned it.




Help us honor the innovators, community builders and change makers among us. Winning organizations ignore traditional models and forge new paths, 促进团队合作, and significantly impact the health and well-being of Greater Omaha. 创造就业机会. 建立社区. Raising our quality of life and immersing themselves in excellence.


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  • 奥马哈交响曲
  • 罗特拉意大利面包房有限公司.
  • 树林里艾特肯LLP)


  • Lawlor 's Custom Sportswear公司.
  • 中土拜访护士协会


  • 弗里蒙特市
  • 英格索兰空气中心


We look to the business community to help us identify hardworking businesses and nonprofits. We want your nominations for those whose contributions elevate our region and make it a better place for everyone to do business, 工作和生活.

Our volunteer selection committee will select the best-of-the-best to be recognized with a Business Excellence Award. We’ll recognize the winners for their superior work in the areas of innovation, 领导和慈善事业. Those who have won an excellence award two or more consecutive years will be eligible for a sustained excellence award.



2022年商业卓越奖提名揭晓. Check out the details below and nominate a worthy organization (even your own).


  • 网上接受提名,截止日期为2月2日. 4, 2022. 迟来的提名将不予考虑.
  • Companies and individuals may nominate themselves or be nominated by a third party.
  • 提名 are scored by the 商业卓越奖 selection committee, 哪些是由志愿商业领袖组成的, sponsor representatives and past award recipients from the Greater Omaha area. 个人分数是保密的.
  • Individuals (and their employers) serving on the 商业卓越奖 selection committee are not eligible to receive an award. 他们的提名将不会被考虑.
  • If a company has won a business excellence award (in any category – innovation, leadership and/or philanthropy) for two or more consecutive years, 他们可能有资格获得持续的优秀奖. T奖项将由评选委员会决定.
  • All nominated businesses or individuals must be bte365娱乐线 members based in the Greater Omaha metropolitan area: Cass, 道奇, 道格拉斯, Otoe, Sarpy, and Washington counties in Nebraska and Pottawattamie and Mills counties in Iowa.
  • Final Business Excellence Award winners will be notified by a bte365娱乐线 staff member, announced publicly through a press release and recognized at a private VIP reception (pursuant to directed health measures).


  1. 贵公司成立那年.
  2. 奥马哈都市区的员工人数.
  3. Highlight important milestones in your company’s history.
  4. Highlight any important information about your employees and customers that showcases excellence in your company.


卓越有很多表现形式. Choose one or more of the characteristics below and describe how it applies to your business (or the business you are nominating).

If a company has won a business excellence award (in any category – innovation, leadership and/or philanthropy) for two or more consecutive years, 他们可能有资格获得持续的优秀奖. T奖项将由评选委员会决定.

You may choose to answer any, or all, of the following categories:

Changing the establishment by introducing something better is no easy process, 但这是真正的革新者生活的目的. Those recognized for Excellence in 创新 have made innovation part of their everyday ‘routine’ and provide tangible benefits through their work.

  1. Describe what innovation looks like in your organization, including any particular impacts on your business or customers.
  2. Cite specific examples from the last three years of when success or failure has nurtured innovation in your culture.
Excellence in 领导 recognizes those who have a strong vision for the future, a dedication to the betterment of their organizations and our community and a passion for developing others.

  1. Describe the leadership philosophy in your organization.
  2. Provide specific examples from the last three years of how leadership is cultivated and specific examples of where it has made a difference to your outcomes.

组织, 小型和大型, 带着给予的哲学, make a significant impact on the Omaha metropolitan community’s health and well-being. Recognition goes to those who go above-and-beyond to foster an environment of community improvement and support.

  1. Describe how your business approaches community stewardship.
  2. Offer particular examples from the last three years of the impact your organization’s donation of time, 才能和财富给我们社区的其他人带来了什么.
经验随时间而来, and every year an organization operates is a testament to its ability to serve, allowing it to uplift the community and contribute to the strength and growth of the region. 里程碑事件, 还有25周年纪念日, 50, 75, 100, 125 or 150 years in business mark the dedication of organizational stakeholders, as well as the commitment of customers to the business or nonprofit. Share the number of years your organization has been in operation.


This event is made possible by the generous contributions of several organizations. 我们感谢他们的支持.
Interested in being a 商业卓越奖 Sponsor? 联系 克里斯蒂Fortenbury 的更多信息.





For more information about the 商业卓越奖, contact 克里斯蒂Fortenbury,经理-特殊事件.

通过注册和参与该活动, 你同意记录你的肖像, 图像, and/or voice and authorize the bte365娱乐线 to use photographs, video, 和有你肖像的录音, 图像, 和/或声音在任何媒介的任何目的.